Gabriel Landi (University of São Paulo): Quantum Bayesian Networks: experimental determination and applications in quantum thermodynamics

Chaos and quantum chaos seminar at the Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University.

Quantum Bayesian Networks (QBNs) provide a method for obtaining the statistics of multipoint quantities in quantum coherent systems, while avoiding the measurement backaction. These quantities play a particularly important role in quantum thermodynamics, since concepts such as heat and work do not depend on the state of a system, but rather on the process it undergoes. Although QBNs cannot be directly measured from a single experiment, in this talk we show how they can be recovered from experiments on identical copies of a system, via measurement post-selection. The potential applications of this tool to quantum thermodynamics are also discussed. In particular, we report on a recent experiment which uses QBNs for determining the full statistics of the heat exchanged between two quantum correlated bodies.

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