Matty Hoban (Quantinuum): Quantum networks self-test all entangled states

Quantum Information and Quantum Computing Seminars at CTP PAS

Certifying quantum properties with minimal assumptions is a fundamental problem in quantum information science. Self-testing is a method to infer the underlying physics of a quantum experiment only from the measured statistics. While all bipartite pure entangled states can be self-tested, little is known about how to self-test quantum states of an arbitrary number of systems. Here, we introduce a framework for network-assisted self-testing and use it to self-test any pure entangled quantum state of an arbitrary number of systems. The scheme requires the preparation of a number of singlets that scales linearly with the number of systems, and the implementation of standard projective and Bell measurements, all feasible with current technology. When all the network constraints are exploited, the obtained self-testing certification is stronger than what is achievable in any Bell-type scenario. Our work does not only solve an open question in the field, but also shows how properly designed networks offer new opportunities for the certification of quantum phenomena.

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