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Michał Eckstein


I hold a Master degree in theoretical physics and a PhD degree in mathematics. My research interests range from the structural problems in mathematical physics, through theory and applications of quantum mechanics and general relativity, to the foundational and philosophical aspects of science.

Currently, I work on the following topics:

  • quantum optimal transport and its applications
  • quantum information in particle physics
  • foundations and limits of quantum mechanics
  • probabilistic structures in relativistic spacetimes
  • asymptotic expansions of heat traces

Rafał Bistroń

Master Sudent

Scientific background:

I graduated from V LO Kraków High School. During that time I gained the laureate title at Polish Physics Olympiad and a silver medal at the Young Physicists' Tournament. I got my BSc in Physics at Jagiellonian University under the supervision of Prof. Andrzej Sitarz. My bachelor thesis was rewarded by the Polish Mathematical Society as the best student’s work in 2020. Currently I am working  with Prof. Karol Życzkowski and PhD Michał Eckstein.
Research interests:

My scientific interest covers mostly mathematical and physical subjects with a slight sympathy to informatics. My bachelor thesis was concerning the construction of the theory of Braided Modules for Hopf algebras based on generalizations of su(2) Lie algebra. Since joining the Quantum Resources Group I've been working on geometry on quantum states and the ordering of distances for quantum states. I pay special attention to Wasserstein distance and its properties, since it may bring an interesting connection between Quantum Informatics and Machine learning.


Marcin Rudzinski

Master student

My current academic interest is specific geometrical structures in quantum mechanics. In my bachelor thesis (Generalized quantum measurements in the stellar representation) I discuss symmetries of Mutually Unbiased Bases and SIC-POVMs in Majorana representation. I continue this work looking for possible connections between geometries of Hilbert spaces  Hn+1 and H2⨂n.


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